5 Reasons You Need to Unfriend

"There is nothing on this Earth more to be prized than true friendship" - Thomas Aquinas In this post I want to address my social life, and the drastic changes I've made. I used to love having so many close friends. I went out, partied, made as many new friends as I could. But it … Continue reading 5 Reasons You Need to Unfriend


Treat Your Possessions with Dignity

"Keep only the things that speak to your heart." - Marie Kondo I first came across this idea while reading Marie Kondo (you already know how much I love her). She writes that we should treat all our possessions as if they are real, as if they are people. Okay, yes it sounds crazy, but hopefully … Continue reading Treat Your Possessions with Dignity

The Minimalist Process and Repurposing

"Uncommon thinkers reuse what common thinkers refuse" - JRD Tata Recently I've been reevaluating my possessions as we head into the holiday season. Not that I expect gifts from anyone, but as we head into the new year, I want to enter with the things I love and want most. That means shedding all the … Continue reading The Minimalist Process and Repurposing

Discovering Minimalism

Your possessions need to be tools towards your happiness today, not yesterday, or tomorrow. Don't let your things weigh you down or define you. About a year ago, I came across minimalism (naturally on Pinterest), and I was hooked. I spent weeks researching it, and once I snapped out of my week long research endeavour, I … Continue reading Discovering Minimalism